Bike Mix

Endurance bike lube that is clean and quite for all bike types

Bike Mix

BIKE MIX has been developed for the extreme demands of ENDURANCE MTB but it is also used by many other riders who want a lube which is proven to last for 12h in dry and dusty off-road conditions.

Perfect for MTB, Road Bike, e-Bike, Commuter bike, Track bike etc

BIKE MIX is an All-Purpose chain lubricant which combines desirable features of both wet (durable) and dry (clean) lubricants. It is dry enough to not attract dust and grime buildup but it is also wet enough to last for at least 12h on an endurance MTB ride or epic road ride.

Bike Mix is a great product for several reasons:

  • It has excellent penetrating-cleaning-degreasing properties to remove grime buildup and assist lube flow throughout moving chain parts.
  • The chain stays clean without large quantities of greasy, sticky, wet residue to attract dust onto the drivetrain surfaces. 
  • It leaves a protective film on the crucially important internal contact surfaces of the chain between rollers, bushes, pins and plates.
  • Employs a “RESERVOIR EFFECT” to deliver lube into moving parts as you ride.
  • Perfect drivetrain lubricant for long dusty rides (12h or bike touring).
  • Great value for money 
  • Economical 900ml workshop bottle
  • Proudly made in Bay of Plenty New Zealand.


Stage 1: cleaning chain

  1. Degrease chain thoroughly before initial application.
  2. Adjust chain onto smallest rear sprocket.
  3. Shake BIKE MIX vigorously to re-suspend and disperse the active components.
  4. Rotate chain backwards and direct soaking stream of BIKE MIX onto moving chain at cassette. The chain should be visibly coated with BIKE MIX and look wet.
  5. Continue reverse chain rotation to allow BIKE MIX to penetrate, clean and flush contaminants from deep inside the chain.
  6. After 20 seconds thoroughly wipe the residue off the chain using dry cloth. This is important because the BIKE MIX will dissolve and flush the grease and dirt from the chain and carry it to the outer surfaces, and this needs to be removed from the chain.

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For a very dirty or wet chain which has been gummed up with other lubricants or washed with water then this cleaning process may need to be repeated several times. 

A full degrease is best on a routine basis or the first time Bike Mix is used on the chain.

Stage 2: Lubricate and protect

  1. Rotate chain backwards and direct soaking stream of BIKE MIX onto moving chain at cassette. The chain should be visibly coated with BIKE MIX and look wet.
  2. Continue reverse chain rotation to allow BIKE MIX to penetrate, flush and coat moving surfaces of the chain.
  3. Allow the BIKE MIX to dry on all of the metal surfaces of the chain to form a protective lubricating film. Leaving overnight is recommended. In very cold (freezing) conditions Bike Mix does not evaporate as fast and needs longer time to bond to the chain.
  4. Repeat this apply/dry lube process several times if chain has been fully degreased or a thicker film is required for endurance rides.

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It is best to wipe surface residue from the chain with a clean rag prior to riding.  The chain will look clean on the outside and is less attractive to dust.  The lube remains active on the internal surfaces.  

The BIKE MIX should be left to dry on the chain to provide a protective water-repellant lube coating on inner surfaces of the drivetrain.  If the gaps inside the chain (between rollers, pins and plates) are packed with the tenacious film lubricant it will help prevent dirt and water from wicking into the gaps and increasing friction and wear. There is only minimal external surface coating left with Bike Mix, and most of the lubricant bound inside the moving parts of the chain. 


Failure to wipe down the outer surface before riding may lead to a build-up of lubricant on the jockey wheels.  A coating post ride is best applied , but can be used immediately pre-ride. 

After a wet ride it is very important to ensure the whole bike and in particular the drivetrain is thoroughly dried and re-lubricated soon after being wet. 

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